The Monologue, The Cold Read and The Two Person Scene

The Monologue, The Cold Read and The Two Person SceneWhile reading from a script isn’t new to an actor, there are two other scenarios to be aware of. Knowing how to prepare and what directors are looking for with each is necessary for making your audition stand out among the sea of others.

The Monologue

Arguably the most well-known acting trial, the monologue is stage one of any audition. It is a 2-3 minute solo show depicting your acting capabilities through the voice of one character. Directors here are looking for emotional range as well as the ability to match the tone of the play you’re auditioning for. Your monologue should be a miniature three act play that matches the style of the play the directors are putting on.

The Cold Read

Assuming your monologue was engaging enough for a call back, you now move on to the cold read. This is when you read for a specific part or specific parts in the play itself. In this situation, you’re handed the script with your lines highlighted. Sometimes you’re given a few minutes to practice, other times you’re asked to read as soon as the words are in your hands. Either way, this read displays how you naturally fit the character in question based on the description you’ve been given.

The Two Person Scene

The final process (and one that doesn’t always happen), is reading with a second person. Just like the cold read, you and your partner are handed a script and asked to read from the script directly, sometimes with a few minutes to rehearse, sometimes without. Unlike the first two, this one is used to test your compatibility with others. A great show can fall flat if certain characters don’t share that all important on stage chemistry.

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