Snack Attack

Snack AttackOn set during a film shoot, you will get hungry. Both waiting and acting take their toll on your body’s energy reserves, prompting a strong desire to snatch up whatever you can at the snack table. Unfortunately, most quick bites will only worsen any tiredness you already feel on top of adding extra pounds to a look you’re working hard to keep. Instead of mindlessly eating what’s in reach, make smart choices.

Stay Hydrated

When you aren’t fully hydrated, your cells aren’t working at peak efficiency. Instead, they have to work harder to keep you going. Circumvent this easily by avoiding coffees, sodas and teas. All three are what are known as diuretics and actually dehydrate you faster because they promote increased urination. Instead, stick with the clear stuff. If your urine is a straw color, you’re drinking enough to be fully hydrated.

Eat Your Veggies

Vegetables are not only packed with nutrients, they are also extremely low in calories, meaning you can nosh on as much broccoli as you want without packing on unwanted weight. Veggies fill you up with more than enough of what your body needs to digest them and keep you fueled, making them the optimal snack. Just be sure to steer clear of any fatty dressings usually served with the crudité platter.

Fancy the Fruits

Should veggies be absent, fruits are another wonderful way to fill your stomach and refill your energy reserves. Because they are high in both natural sugars and nutrients, you get an immensely healthy energy burst that won’t leave you feeling heavy. Be sure to go a little light with fruits as they are very high in carbohydrates due to the high sugar levels. The less naturally sweet the fruit, the fewer carbs it will have.

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