2017 Lip Color Trends

2017 Lip Color TrendsWith so many color choices available, it’s important to prep those that will be revealing themselves throughout 2017.

Pretty in Pink

A classic that never seems to fade away, pink is perfect for almost any situation. It’s a calm, muted color that plays off of your lips’ natural hue to make you look young and peppy. That being said, bold pinks are always available for fashionistas looking to make a statement.

Obsessed with Orange

Last year, it was all about the more demure oranges, calm takes on an otherwise bold color. This year, the tables have turned and orange, in all of its beautiful vibrancy, is being welcomed to the stage with open arms. Gone are the oranges mixed with browns in favor of a true vibrancy.

Going Glitter

Whether you like adding actual glitter to your lips or using lipsticks infused with it, a sparkling smile is a must this New Year. Just like the oranges, don’t be afraid to be bold with just how much glitter glams those lips.

Ravishing Rose

For those that enjoy calmer lip colors, rose remains a strong contender. One of the closest matches to natural lip color, it’s a calmer form of red that emphasizes natural beauty over turning heads using heavy hues.

Glamour Gloss

Like all things, lip trends follow a pendulum. As for this year, matte is out in favor of those wonderfully wet looking lips achieved with gloss. The color with this look doesn’t matter so long as it’s shiny enough to make those lips look tempting.

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