Grooming For Guys

Grooming For GuysThough it’s no secret that women use a lot of beauty products to keep their hair and faces flawless, few realize the most well put together men have their own retinue of products designed to keep them looking sharp.

Great Hair Gel

Sometimes it’s a gel, other times it’s a pomade. Regardless of the chemical makeup, men cannot go without a good hair product to shape their own follicles. If you have sensitive skin, invest in a styling product with water as the main ingredient. This will reduce forehead acne should it sweat onto your face at any point in the day.

High Quality Shaving Gel

For a close shave, you need a gel that both protects from razor burn and isn’t overly odorous. Because it interacts with your face, it’s good to spend more money on a product with high quality ingredients so as to reduce the chance of irritating the skin.

Grooming Razors

For men, keeping facial hair inline is a must for maintaining that sharply dressed quality that separates the wannabes from the true stars of the spotlight. To deal with your facial hair, eyebrows and nose hairs, look no further than a grooming kit. Be it electric or no, you’ll now have differently shaped razors designed to correctly tame each and every area on your face.

Nail Clippers

Last but not least, it is an unspoken rule that men are judged based on the state of their fingernails. For women, long nails are a sign of style and health. For men, long nails are considered extremely unfashionable to the point of being detrimental when trying to form advantageous relationships. To stop this faux pas from ever happening, buy a set of clippers and keep your nails clean and trim.

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