2017 Spring & Summer Shoe Trends

2017 Spring & Summer Shoe TrendsWhether you prefer open-toed trots or snazzy sneakers, the spring and summer are the perfect seasons for showing off the latest in trendy treads.

Wrap Heels

With the temperature slowly rising, now is the perfect time to find shoes that breathe. This seasons, open heels with multiple straps wrapping around the feet and the ankles are making their way back to the runway.

Leather Boots

In an almost unpredicted turn of fashion, long leather boots now have their place in these warmer days. While the trend certainly isn’t geared for southerners, it’s a welcome choice to northerners that like to stay trendy during the cooler nights.

Always an Athlete

Though the leather boots may have come as a shock, nothing took fashion experts for a loop more than high fashion athletic footwear. Not quite tennis shoes, these stylistic inventions encapsulate turning more haute couture options, such as spike heeled boots, into eye catching combinations of color and sporty materials.

Kitten Heels

Made popular in the 1950s by Audrey Hepburn, short heels are back in fashion. Be they attached to sandals or dress pumps, this season is meant to be celebrated in style.

Flatform Platforms

While the flatforms don’t have to be platforms, there’s no denying the popularity of shoes brought back from the 1990s. If you’re not a fan of heels, you can still add height without the foot stress. Flatforms give you a fashionably level surface to tread on, arguably one meant for the south due to this style’s love of open straps.

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