Career Goals

Only you can determine your future! Set your goals NOW! 

Creating Goals

  • Goals are dream – be free to imagine
  • Goals create excitement about ourselves and the future we can create
  • Goals are specific, realistic and achievable
  • Goals should be set slightly beyond your grasp so you personally stretch and grow

 Commit To Your Goals!

  • Write down your goals for the next six days, six weeks and six years
  • Write down why you want to achieve these goals
  • Prioritize your goals – put your daily efforts in order
  • Write down the hurdles you will encounter while working toward these goals. How will you handle the hurdles?
  • Discuss your goals with your family and friends. This is optional but it always helps to have a support group or person to cheer you toward your goals.

 Stick to your Commitment!

  • Visualize daily the completion of your goals
  • Allow for flexibility and re-evaluation of your goals
  • Prepare how to respond to disappointments and setbacks. It’s not what happens to us but how we handle it!
  • Review your progress and alter your plans but not your goals!
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