Spring Nails 2017

Spring Nails 2017What’s a better way to celebrate your new spring fashion than to decorate your nails with a style to match?

Pretty Pastels

Still feeling a few chill days of winter but not quite suffering through the blaring heat of summer, spring is the perfect time to bring out the soft, muted pastels of the colors you love. Whether it’s a classic pink or more festive purple, nothing celebrates spring more than calm colors to match the calm temperatures.

Cuticle Jewelry

A rather new addition to nail accessories, fashion forward Morgan Taylor Lacquer lead artist Tracylee is working to enhance the beauty of the nail real estate by adding golden flourishes to the skin around the outside of the nails. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Metallic Hue

Metallic looking nails are definitely an in this season with a number of designers going for that special shine. While silver seems to be the most popular, any color that has that unique shimmer is being touted as trendy.


Maybe it can be pinned on the resurgence of the 80s in clothes fashion, but nail fashion seems to be following suit when it comes to designs. Instead of extremely elaborate creations, it’s all about negative space and how simple shapes play with the look of the nails overall.

All One Color

While differing colors across the nails were popular not too long ago, this trend is dropping off for 2017, giving way to a more traditional practice of unity. Even with different colors being used, it’s important to keep the design the same across all of the nails. That being said, one nail having a special look for a pop effect is still pretty sharp.

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