Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Spring 2017 Fashion TrendsSpring is just around the corner as we finally begin to see hints of that wonderful thaw sweeping across the world. Now is the best time to welcome fun, fresh styles that embrace this warmer weather.


A combination of athletic wear and leisure suits, fit fashion is back in style. While certainly fun, it’s definitely an unsurprising trend given the influx of fitness fads that sync up with the New Year and our many resolutions.

80s Glam

Complete with overly large shoulders, frills and bold colors, the 70s is being left behind in favor of a more fashion forward 80s. Luckily, it seems the hair and makeup won’t be resurrected with it.

Big Bags

The XXXXXL hand bags are back. Even if you don’t have enough stuff to fill them with, it’s more about having a very stylish accoutrement hanging off your shoulder or from your fingers. Unlike the 80s look, though, choose neutral colors like black, brown or white.

Platform Shoes

Remember the platforms the Spice Girls used to rock? The style is back. Perfect for the girl that hates heels but loves to be taller, platform shoes are reviving in full force and in many styles.

Big Jewelry

Large earrings and gaudy necklaces are only adding to the 80s influx that will be taking to the streets when spring hits. Where last year was the year of the choker and smaller pieces, 2017 is exploding onto the scene with loud jewelry.

T-Shirt Slogans

A more casual and comfortable trend coming forward is the statement t-shirt. Emblazoned with large letters and strong words, if there was ever a year to take a stand for something, 2017 is it.

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