Figuring out Fashion Weeks

Figuring out Fashion WeeksIn the fashion world, there are four main capitals – New York, London, Milan and Paris. While they’re fashion celebrations are known as weeks, the big four actually celebrate multiple times a year. In February and September/October, they reveal womenswear for the year, and in January and June/July, they showcase menswear.

New York Fashion Week

Founded in 1943 by Eleanor Lambert, New York Fashion Week occurs in America’s most well-known metropolis. This week is often considered to be the one held in the highest regard historically as it is the oldest of the four. It is also unique in that it features “resort/cruise” and “bridal” shows during the celebrations.

London Fashion Week

London is the last of the four to join the festivities, having only been an event since 1984. Of the four, London’s celebration of fashion is the most traditional. That being said, it has an astounding number of off-season shows that occur throughout the year.

Milan Fashion Week

The third youngest of the group, Milan Fashion Week began in 1958 after being founded by the Italian Chamber of Commerce. It is host to well over 40 different shows each season and moves their venues yearly throughout the city to spotlight beautiful locations of historic note. Because of this, Milan Fashion Week is often the one most populated with tourists.

Paris Fashion Week

Coming into existence in 1945, a mere two years after New York, Paris’ celebration is one that evolved from a long standing tradition of French pride in their fashion. There’s even a special style unique to France, known as Haute Couture, shown only here. Designed originally as a way to signify well-made clothing, it has since evolved into a cultural point of pride for the Parisians.

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