Dress to Impress

Dress to ImpressWhile you might think you need a full wardrobe to even hope to have enough clothes for every type of modeling audition, the fact remains that you really only need one look. In truth, modeling auditions are not gaudy affairs. The judges are there to see the natural you in order to then determine if you fit the look they’re aiming for.

Good Skin

Before looking at your clothes, it’s imperative your skin is in order since, regardless of the amount of makeup they put you in, blemishes are hard to cover up. If your face is healthy and shining, it will come through in photos. Be sure to drink plenty of water and go light on the makeup if you wear any at all. The more natural the look, the better your chances.

Simple Clothes

As a rule of thumb, it doesn’t matter what you wear so long as it’s fitted. Keep the clothes clean. Make sure they are free from any wear and tear. Keep patterns quiet and pants plain. Dark, form fitting jeans and a simple fitted top is often the best choice. As for cleavage, keep it covered up as much as possible. If you’re aiming to show off your legs, stilettos are a great way to increase height and create an appealing look.

Controlled Hair

Like everything else, keep the hair muted. So long as the look is simple and keeps the hair from hanging in your face, it’s a great choice. Remember, the judges want to see what you look like as a blank slate so they can picture your potential. The crazier you go with your look, the less they can envision you in the idea they have for the job you’re auditioning for.

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