Gifts for Your Model or Actor

Gifts for Your Model or ActorYou’re not a photographer. You’re not a director. You can’t offer your model or actor friend the gig they want. Luckily, though, both models and actors do need practical things that you can gift them with to help them get that much closer to touching the stars.

More Makeup

Both actors and models rely on good makeup for stage and film. Even if you can’t afford a full Ben Nye set, most have two or three things they’d like to add to an already large set they’ve amassed over the years. Ask them if they’re in need of a new brush or a special foundation. More importantly, though, be sure to ask them what brand, if any, since makeup can be a very personal choice.


Like makeup, headshots have to be traded out regularly to capture the current look. While a good one might be able to last a maximum of three years, headshots are an investment that can really set an actor or model back financially. If you are a generous gift giver, headshots are a fantastic way to help them curb a big expense.

Better Equipment

Actor or model, professionals always have equipment. For the actor, that could be a camera or microphone used to film auditions. For the model, it could be a camera used to practice poses at home. Either way, there are probably a few things they would enjoy upgrading during the holiday season. Like with the makeup, talk with them about what they use and if they’re hoping to upgrade. In the end, it might be that they aren’t looking for upgrades so much as inexpensive add-ons to make their work easier.

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  1. Montoya huntzinger says:

    I would love to have my son he is 7 to start modeling I used to go there and would like to get back in to it of you can call me at 580-402-5986 thanks Montoya

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