Fall Trends 2016

Fall Trends 2016And with that first cold snap, summer is quickly giving way to fall. Alongside the changing leaves, the rerelease of classic coffee drinks and the preparation for the overwhelming holiday season comes this year’s fall fashion. Hot off the runway, these trends will be making their grand appearances over the next few weeks.

Velvet Vixens

Having retired from the fashion world for a while, velvet is on its way back as a warm, versatile fabric used by designers for chic warm wear, casual track suits and fantastic footwear. Though sometimes used as an accent, this year the material is making a bold move as a main piece in a broad array of eye catching colors that serve as a stark break from the typical browns of fall.

Nothing but Neck

From neckerchiefs to chokers, accentuating the neck is a must this season. Both trendy and a requirement in colder climates, expect bland scarfs to be thrown to the wayside as ladies everywhere adorn themselves with colorful, soft materials and beautiful lace. Many are even using these additions to add on to turtlenecks.

Off the Shoulder

Few things are more alluring than an off the shoulder ensemble as the weather ever so slightly gets chillier. Just warm enough to pull it off but still cold enough to require some warmth, no other season embraces exposed shoulders more than fall.

Pants Suits

Though the extreme angles of the 80s seem to be gone for good, pants suits are making a comeback. Allowing women to revel in the warmth of a look that covers the whole leg, it’s no surprise that such a staple of modern feminine power is once more making a resurgence.

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