How To Donate A Prom Dress

How To Donate A Prom DressIt’s that time of the year when attending a prom can be one of the most important milestones for high school girls. Unfortunately, as almost every aspect of attending high school prom continues to rise out of reach for many teens, we think donating a gently used prom dress is one of the most rewarding acts you can do for some one less privileged. There are many charitable organizations who accept prom dresses. A few tips:

  • Search “how to donate a prom dress”. Typically, you will findĀ at least one charitable organizationĀ in your local community that accept dresses. If you can’t find an organization, contact the local high schools.
  • Most organizations have a cut-off date for donations, so be sure to do so in advance of prom time!
  • Your dress should be dry cleaned and in very good condition.
  • Consider donating the matching shoes and purse
  • SMILE! The reflection you see in your mirror is a beautiful person because of your charitable act.
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