Are You Listening???

Are You Listening???Opportunities can be lost because an individual does not understand the importance of careful listening and proper follow-up! The modeling and acting industry is highly competitive with thousands of individuals vying for that ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. Often times, an opportunity is lost because the individual didn’t listen to instructions and follow through accordingly.

For example; If you are told to wear all black for an audition and you show up in black and red (or any other color combination other then all black) you didn’t listen! If a casting director asks you to cold read without introducing yourself and you proceed to state your name, agency name and the describe the scene you are going to read, you didn’t listen. In other words, LISTEN carefully and do as you are precisely told to do.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are so special and talented that you’ll be given a pass by the decision makers because chances are that won’t happen. No one wants to work with someone who thinks the rule don’t apply to them.

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