Do You Have A Shoe Addiction?

Do You Have A Shoe Addiction?We bet you love shoes as much as we do and we never pass up a shoe sale. Read on for a few things we bet you never knew about the shoes you wear all the time!

  • Men were the first people to wear heels! In the 10th century, men who rode horses needed their boots to have heels in order to say in their stirrups.
  • Platform shoes used to be worn by Greek actors to signify their status. When the Ancient Greeks staged plays, costumes were crucial for audiences to identify characters. “Tragic” actors wore raised platform shoes, to symbolize their superiority over comic actors, who would wear plain socks.
  • Sneakers got their name because their rubber soles do not make noise.
  • The red sole on Louboutins came about when the designer wasn’t quite satisfied with how a prototype shoe looked and he saw his assistant painting her nails a bright red color. He grabbed her nail polish and painted it all over the black sole of the shoe! Thus, all Louboutins now have red soles!

In a 2010 interview with Cosmopolitan, Suzanne Ferriss, PHD, and editor of “Footnotes: On Shoes” said that a woman’s addiction to buying shoes triggers an area in the brain’s prefrontal cortex that is called the collecting spot. “Shoes are a collector’s item”, whether women realize they perceive them that way or not”!

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