Model Competition

Model CompetitionCompetition in modeling is unique in that it is often one-on-one, more visible, and that repeated rejection can take its toll on a model’s confidence. A potential professional model expects to be a little insecure when she/he is first starting out. But once success is achieved does insecurity disappear? Hardly!  Some days it might feel like the clients are demanding, and that no one considers you beyond your face/figure/body. So what can you do about the fear of competition, real or imagined? Remind yourself that the self confidence you are always radiating is not just a show. It’s based on a sense of your own self-worth. Only you can give yourself the inner strength you need to stand up to the competition and impersonal demands of the modeling business. Always remember to stay positive! You can do it! As for the ‘competition’ itself, be friendly and cooperative with other models, especially those in your own agency. Remember, they may be under as much stress as you are, and they’re probably just as nervous. Give the competition support as co-workers in the business!

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