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2019 Summer Fashion for Women

Taxes are done, days are longer, and you’re looking forward to new couture to show off during these long summer days. Totally Tie-Dye Once every twenty years or so, tie-dye emerges from its dormancy. The tie-dye we know today kicked … Continue reading

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10 Tips on Dressing for Success

Dress to impress is a long-standing rallying cry for those aiming to get hired. After all, the clothes make the person and we, as humans, are guilty of judging others based on appearances, especially in the modeling and acting world … Continue reading

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Commercial Print Modeling Basics

Runways capture the imagination when thinking of modeling, but walking, turning, and walking back is hardly the extent of what it means to model. In fact, one of the most prolific avenues is actually one of the faster branches to … Continue reading

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Accessorizing for Photoshoots

We all know clothes are extremely important for photoshoots. The colors bring out your natural glow while the cuts accentuate your natural figure. But what about accessories? How do you even go about throwing together hats or necklaces or scarves? … Continue reading

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Understanding Lighting and Photography Used for Photoshoots

While it is enough to simply show up to a shoot and let photographers do their thing, never underestimate the advantage you give yourself when you understand just what their job requires. Lighting When it comes to lights, theories run … Continue reading

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How to Dress for a Modeling Audition

Before you walk the runway, you need to work the audition room with nothing but your confidence and an outfit that tells the judges everything they need to know about your potential. Ready and Researched Before donning your audition attire, … Continue reading

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Types of Heels: Finding Your Signature Runway Shoe

There are a lot of different heel types out there. For the aspiring model, being told a find a heel for the runway is far more daunting than learning how to do makeup and hair. Instead of burrowing into the … Continue reading

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Decade Fashion: How to Style the Latest Trends

Ever wanted to be the trendsetter? Ever wanted to walk into a room and immediately be met with looks of people who immediately make a note to find your fashion? Don’t wait any longer. Style yourself to the latest and … Continue reading

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Nail Care

Healthy hands aren’t hard to achieve if you know how to properly care for your nails. Clean and Dry Bacteria flourishes in moist environments. This is why you always want to make sure your nails are kept as dry as … Continue reading

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Acting Audition: How to Dress

You’ve memorized your monologue. You’ve studied the play you’re auditioning for. You’ve nailed your headshot and resume. Now for the final piece of the puzzle—your outfit.  Capture the Character Assuming the audition is for a specific play rather than an … Continue reading

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