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Applying a Flawless Foundation

Like any foundation, this aspect of makeup is the most important since it is the layer upon which all else is added. Smudge the foundation and you smudge your look. While it can be challenging to create a glow that … Continue reading

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Styling Your Leather Jacket

Styling Your Leather Jacket Let’s face it, leather jackets are cool. They’re one of the few fashion fits that is timeless. One jacket can last you your entire life. Unfortunately, you do want to change up your other clothes. Here’s … Continue reading

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How to Look Better in Photos

Tackle these tips and tricks to make yourself even more beautiful on camera. Lefty-Righty According to research that has recently come to light, the left side of the face is typically considered to be more attractive. Square Off Never face … Continue reading

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Special Resume Skills

We all have them. The skills we are masters of but don’t really see much stage time. Maybe you’re a pro with the yo-yo. Maybe you can shoot a bow and arrow. Maybe you are fluent in three different languages. … Continue reading

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2018 Fall Beauty Trends

To match the changing leaves and cooling temperatures, beauty trends this season are all about matching the bold with the beautiful. Bright Eyes Gone are the hushed browns and darker hues of eyeliner and eyeshadow in favor of bold pinks … Continue reading

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Finding Your Signature Model Expression

A model’s look is their calling card. It’s the one thing that sets them apart from every other pretty face on the planet. Though it may take time to find yours, here’s how you can start figuring out the best … Continue reading

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Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

And, just like that, fall fashion is on the horizon. Get an early start year with the latest and greatest showcased down this year’s runway. Oversized Outerwear Go big or go home with your fleece and your parkas. Though it … Continue reading

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How to Conquer a Dance Audition

Like the actor and cold reads, dancers have auditions full of learning demandingly fast-paced sequences in the span of around 30 minutes (and sometimes less). As with all arts, though, so long as you know the basics, stringing them together … Continue reading

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Best Tech for Acting

In this ever-advancing tech world, auditions and everything tied to them is shifting with the sands of change. Don’t be left behind. The better tech you have to manage your career, the better chance you stand to succeed. Smartphone Do … Continue reading

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YouTube Channel 101

It’s the new era of entertainment in the digital age. A collection of videos that can lead to monetization, YouTube offers creative people the chance to build their own entertainment empire with little more than a video camera and an … Continue reading

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