Best Poses for Modeling Clothing

Best Poses for Modeling Clothing

Arguably the hardest thing to figure out when modeling clothing is what to do with your body. How do you even begin showing off the clothes you’re wearing? Fear not! Here are the best poses to practice to nail your next booking.

The Three-Quarters

This is a gold standard in modeling. It requires you to be angled so that only three-quarters of your body is visible to the camera. This could be as easy as sticking one foot behind the other and angling your upper body toward the camera. It could also be more complex based on any flair you decide to add.

The Profile

Profile shots are fantastic for really embracing all the interesting ways the body can contort itself and the clothing on it. Practice different ways to hold your shoulders and where you rest your weight. Get the arms and legs into it and see what kind of unique shapes you can create.

The Straight On

Though debatably the hardest one to master, facing the camera straight on is nevertheless a requirement. The faster you get this pose down, the stronger you will be for it. It’s up to you to pose in such a way that breathes life into the clothes you’re wearing. Isolate your different body parts and see what they can do.

The Over-The-Shoulder

More fun than fashion, a good over-the-shoulder adds a lot of character to what could otherwise be a boring outfit. There’s motion and there’s focus off camera, something that attracts the interest of people looking at the image. For this pose, remember that the challenge will be not overdoing your eyes. Keep the gaze in line with the nose and be very aware of unwanted shadows obscuring rather than accentuating.

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How to Walk the Runway with Accessories

How to Walk the Runway with Accessories

Couture is not just clothes. Runway walking also involves accessories. From the expected purses and cell phones to the unexpected babies, it’ll be anticipated that you can put your fashion foot forward regardless of what you’ll be carrying. Own it with these tips and tricks.

Practice with Props

The biggest mistake you can make is walking with an accessory you’ve never handled before. If you’re not comfortable swinging around that purse, it will be obvious to everyone watching. The only way to make that purse a part of you is to carry it or something like it around with you. This practice prepares you for the weight, how it moves with your body, how it affects your balance, and other aspects you might not even consider. As a bonus, you’ll no doubt learn a cool thing to do with it during the walk.

Watch Yourself

It’s all well and good to be familiar with the accessory, but do you know what you look like? Maybe that cool way to hold it isn’t as cool as you imagined in your head. Get in front of a full length mirror and walk. What do you like? What don’t you like? What are some other things you can try? The answers to these questions are great guidance in preparing for the big walk.

Collect Critiques

Once you have a good idea of how you want to walk with the accessory, seek out your trusted colleagues and offer them a show. What do they like? What don’t they like? What would they do instead? Why would they make those choices? The more input you have, the more options you have to take just an accessory and make it a true part of the fashion you’ll be walking.

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How to Take the Perfect Headshots at Home

How to Take the Perfect Headshots at Home

With most phones sporting professional cameras, gone are the days of requiring photographers to take headshots. Now all you need is the right setup and some time to find that perfect look.

The Basics

To take a great headshot, you need to know what defines a good one. Stylistically, a well-received headshot is taken from the chest up, has you making eye contact, uses good lighting, captures your personality, and is readable even when small.

Nail these five things, and you’ve nailed your picture.

The Setup

Gather your materials. First and foremost you’ll need a camera that can capture images with a high resolution—the higher the better. Next you’ll need either a tripod or a friend. In the best scenario, it’s a friend. Another person saves a lot of time and can help introduce new ideas.

Find a space with good lighting. Images are made or broken based on how you are illuminated. You’ll need at least two soft lights in front of you and one light behind you to eliminate harsh shadows. The background should be a single color. Outdoors is typically not a good idea for beginners due to its uncontrollable elements.

Practice makes perfect. Before taking any photos, throw on the outfits you think you want to wear and use your phone’s timer to take a few test shots. This way, you’ll know immediately if something does or doesn’t work, helping you figure out what you want from your headshots. Ideally, you’ll have a good selection of flattering clothing that brings out your natural glow.

Have fun. Now it’s time to take those pictures. Turn on some music. Laugh. Get dramatic. When it’s done, pick your favorites and share your new headshots with the world.

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Runway Turns 101

Runway Turns 101

Nothing is more powerful in a model’s arsenal than their turns. Here’s how to master those mere seconds to wrap the audience around your little finger.

Match Your Walk

The entire time you’re out on the runway is a dance. It starts when you enter and ends only when you exit. If your turn doesn’t match your walk, it will show. For example, if you have a lot of swagger walking but show a conservative turn, it will feel very off to the audience and create a dissonance. Your turn is your crescendo. Use the walk to build to that moment and make sure that moment matches for maximum effect.

Stay in Motion

Though the turn means an end to your forward walk, it’s not an excuse to stop moving. All of the greatest supermodels keep their bodies going. At that turn, their energy is focused on fancy footwork, arm work, and body work that creates a continually shifting and interesting form.

Play with the Number of Turns

While many models stick with one good turn, don’t be afraid to play with that number. You don’t want to go overboard but don’t be afraid to own the moment and add a few half turns. Rotate to the left. Rotate to the right. Do a full turn one direction. Do a full turn the other direction. This is all a part of the dance that is your signature move.

Feel the Floor

What’s the music? How’s the audience? The better you can play to the crowd, the better success you’ll have with your turn. If it’s a fun crowd, add a little extra. If the music is bumping, turn to the beat. A lot of your success lies in your ability to read a room and perform in a way to leaves it begging for more.

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Everything You Need for a Manicure At Home

Everything You Need for a Manicure At Home

Just because nail salons are closed doesn’t mean you have to let those nice nails chip and dull. Take their care into your hands with these items you need for a merry manicure this winter season.

Nail Clippers

While you might be tempted to file everything, don’t fool yourself. Nail clippers are the best way to quickly get the nail down to the length you want. It’ll look ugly, but clippers are not there for detail work.

Nail File

After clipping, it’s on to the fine tuning of the shape. Nail files allow you to shape your nail with precision to you can achieve the shape you want. Be sure to have at least one that is course for a fast file and one that is fine to smooth out the edges.

Base Coat

Base coats provide protection against staining. This is why it’s so important to make sure you apply one, especially for those darker colors. Be sure to invest in a polish that is a base coat since an actual base lacks extra shine and is sticky enough to keep the polish attached.


Remember not to forget your color! Whatever you choose, make sure it’s one that makes you feel great and compliments whatever it is you’re pairing it with. That being said, it’s okay and even expected to go through a few test applications before settling on a shade that’s right for you.

Top Coat

Finally, just like the base coat, make sure you have a polish that is a dedicated top coat. This essential third layer helps your polish color last longer. It blocks UV radiation from damaging the pigment, protects from the elements, and adds that fantastic shine that really makes your manicure sparkle.

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What is it? Why is it important? How do you slate successfully? Here’s how to ace one of the most overlooked aspects of an audition.

What is slating?

Slating is the short introduction that kicks off an audition where you state your name and other statistics the casting crew asks for.

Why does it matter?

Isn’t the audition the piece that matters most? Yes and no. While the audition sells your acting acumen, the slate is where you make your impression. It’s the first few seconds the casting crew sees you and that can make or break if they’re even interested in what comes next.

What do I do?

The slate is a very fine line to walk. Some actors go way too far and ham it up well beyond acceptable levels. Others don’t treat it with enough importance and don’t add any charm. Basically, be yourself at your absolute best.

When going through the information you’ll be listing, such as name, location, agent, height, or role you’re auditioning for, be sure to avoid age. You don’t want to draw attention to something that doesn’t matter. If you’re a good fit, you’re a good fit regardless of the year you were born in.

As for the script, keep it simple but don’t be afraid to play around with what sounds interesting. You could start with a “Hi, I’m…” or exclude that and jump straight to your name. The English language is extremely versatile and, often, ditching traditional sentence structures in favor of something new and exciting can really catch the attention of a casting director.

Finally, face the camera with your shoulders back and head held high. Just as you want your voice to exude confidence, so, too, do you want your body to exhibit the same pride and belief that you are a cut above.

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Tips to Fight #Maskne

Tips to Fight #Maskne

A hashtag that would have been inconceivable a year ago, #maskne unveils the true evil of the masks—acne. Here’s how you can keep your face clean while doing your part to protect the health of others.

Wash Your Face First

Before going out and donning the mask, wash your face. This will get rid of excess dirt and oils that would otherwise be trapped under the mask and clog your pores. Make sure that face is clean before you put anything on it.

Mask with Moisturizer

Some maskne is caused by irritation brought on by friction. To reduce this, apply a fragrance-free moisturizer. Not only will it keep your skin hydrated, it will create a protective barrier between the mask and your sensitive facial skin.

Miss the Makeup

Since there’s no chance you’ll be without a mask in public, it’s time to put a stop to fixing up that area (for now). Put away the lip gloss and lipstick. Keep foundation areas that will be seen. Makeup, when under the mask, acts like dirt in that it clogs the pores and leads to breakouts.

Wash the Mask Often

Each time you use the mask, make a point to wash it. Unwashed masks are breeding grounds for bacteria exhaled from the mouth and nose. Not only does such a collection contribute to maskne, it can also lead to serious health concerns.

Invest in Gentle Detergent

With all the mask washing you’ll be doing, it’s important to make sure you invest in a cleaning product that won’t add to the problem. Many detergents contain fragrances that are harsh on the skin. Make sure yours doesn’t. The gentler the detergent is purported to be, the less of a chance it’ll add any maskne to your face.

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“Yes, and…” Improv Technique – What is it?

“Yes, and…” Improv Technique – What is it?

Improv theatre is a fast-paced form of performance that challenges actors to create and tell a story together on the spot with minimal inspiration and a live audience. It’s a challenging art form that comes with its own exercises to help performers shine and none are more beneficial to all artists than “Yes, and…”

The Rules

Playing “Yes, and…” is very simple. One actor starts by setting the scene. The next actor then jumps in with a line that begins with “Yes, and…” and adds to the story. This continues until time runs out or a natural conclusion is reached.

The Purpose

In improv, the story must get moving immediately and a big “no” is a great way to stall everything. “No” is the full rejection of an idea. It kills comradery and it kills scenes before they even get going. It disrespects the thoughts of others and, in theatre, this is no way to build a cohesive acting unit. By forcing a “yes,” actors teach themselves how to accept an idea from another person. Then, by adding on, they help build on that idea. By having to accept these, regardless of how good or bad they think the ideas are, they are showing respect to the creativity of other people. By adding their own thoughts, they then become invested in helping make that thought better and better. In no time, every person now has a direct investment in the story that means something to them. It’s a positive feedback loop created from one of the simplest exercises ever created for performance. In time, it becomes a habit so ingrained that the two words, “yes, and…,” can be dropped in full in favor of forming more natural sentences.

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Top Actors of 2020

What a wild year it’s been! But with 2021 on the horizon and fresh starts just around the corner, it’s always nice to take a look back and celebrate the performers that really made this year shine.

Samuel L. Jackson

A much beloved actors for countless years, Jackson proved yet again that he is the star. The highest grossing actor internationally and nationally, he had a huge 2019 with Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home—a year that helped carry him through to the top of the list this year.

Dwayne Johnson

Runner-up is the charismatic ex-wrestler who proves that you don’t need to be classically trained to bring in fame and adulation. The lockdown kept his year relatively quiet, but last year seemed nonstop with the release of Jumanji: The Next Level and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

Chadwick Boseman

Each year a star bids the stage adieu, and this year, it was the celebrated Chadwick Boseman. Hurtled to fame as the titular Black Panther, he was a star with a lot of promise and potential. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer, putting his brief but incredible 16-year career to a close.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is nothing if not a testament to the individual’s ability to overcome. After finally beating a lifelong drug addiction, he was signed on by Disney to play Tony Stark and the rest is history. In addition to his charismatic portrayals of every character he’s cast as, he is a master of social media, interacting daily with his fans.

Elizabeth Olsen

Unlike many Hollywood starlets, Olsen keeps out of the tabloids, preferring to let her career speak for itself in terms of acting quality. Though another Marvel star, her choice of roles is broad and diverse, a choice that keeps her from the dreaded typecasting stigma.

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Holiday Make-Up Trends

Holiday Make-Up Trends
Media Source: Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

Hankering for some holiday helpings of merry makeup? Here are the trends making the rounds this season.

The Vamp

Lips are a big focus and to help them out is the vampy look. The key to pulling this extreme look off is to stick with a very dark matte lipstick that only has a small hint of purple or red peeking out. Don’t forget that this color should also compliment your skin, so test out a lot of colors to be sure you find one that truly pops.

The Spider

The eyelids are always in fashion but rare is it for the lower lids to receive a lot of gussying up. Luckily, this season brings a lot of focus to the lower part of the eyes. Known as the spider lash, this trend uses fake lashes along the bottom lid to help frame those beautiful peepers.

The Glow

With winter drying out everything, it’s quite the dramatic sight to see glowing, shining skin and lips. You don’t need sunshine to bring out your best. All you need is a high quality liquid highlighter paired with a stunning, moisturizing lip gloss.

The Natural

If loud and proud isn’t your cup of tea, this year pushes a lot of focus on a natural look. Opt for browns and bronze. Neutrals and mattes are the perfect combination for bringing out your natural beauty in a way that will have people wondering if you even have makeup on in the first place.

The Bright

If you are of fan of makeup that blasts color, blues and periwinkles are all the rage this season. It’s as 80s as it gets but the shape and the shades bring it to the modern era. Have fun going as bold as you want to blast away the winter gray.

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