How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like A Pro

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like A ProHow often do you clean your makeup brushes? Keeping in mind the bacteria on your face and that brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, cleaning your brushes is one of the most important things you can do on a weekly basis.

Makeup buildup on your brushes will make them scratchy and stiff. Cleaning your brushes weekly will keep them soft and supple. Wash your brushes at night so they will be dry (6-8 hours) by the next morning. You can use bar soap such as Ivory, gentle dish detergent or baby shampoo. Wet your brush so it’s completely saturated and squeeze a small amount of soap on it and swirl it around in a small dish. Rinse in warm water until the brush feels clean. Squeeze out the excess water and lay flat on a clean towel to dry. If your brush is heavily caked with makeup, use a small amount of olive or almond oil. This will help breakdown the makeup on the brush. After that, clean the brush like normal.

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Tough As Nails

Tough As NailsYou’re busy and the shellac manicure is your new best friend. It lasts for weeks without a scratch, and even looks shiny the whole time. The best part is that the shellac doesn’t destroy your nails. It goes on like regular polish, glides off after a soak in acetone and comes in a dazzling array of shades. Manicures without compromise? You’ve got that nailed. (Courtesy of MSN Lifestyle)

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#1 Interview Tip For Teenagers

#1 Interview Tip For TeenagersThe biggest obstacle for teens interviewing in today’s job market is a lack of self confidence! If you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect an employer to believe in you? You have so much to offer an employer; enthusiasm, energy, intelligence, talent, a willingness to learn and many other attributes that only teens have! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, be yourself and go get that job!

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How Does A Background Performer Qualify For An Upgrade To Principle Performer?

How Does A Background Performer Qualify For An Upgrade To Principle Performer?There are several ways to qualify for an upgrade to principal performer. Here are the most common:

  1. A performer is directed to speak a line (other than omnies); or
  2. A performer is performing an identifiable stunt; or
  3. A performer is in the (1) foreground, (2) identifiable, and (3) demonstrating or illustrating a product or service or illustrating or reacting to the on/off camera narration or commercial message. (The performer must meet all 3 criteria simultaneously in the spot to qualify for a principal upgrade.)
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What Is The Difference Between A ‘First Refusal’ And A ‘Hold’?

What Is The Difference Between A 'First Refusal' And A 'Hold'?When a casting director issues a “first refusal” it means that a final casting decision has not been made; the casting director is requesting that the performer contact him/her before accepting a booking for another job on the same day(s), i.e., giving the original producer the first opportunity to book the person. A “first refusal” is not a booking and the performer has no contractual obligation to get back to the casting director or turn down the second job nor does the producer owe a cancellation fee if the performer is not used. As a professional courtesy, it is suggested that the performer advise the casting director of the second job before accepting the booking.

If a performer has been put on “hold,” the producer has engaged the performer and a performer is placed on an “avail” and not used. cancellation fee is due if the producer cancels the engagement. A cancellation fee would not be paid when performer is placed on an “avail” and not used.

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Sock Service Delivered To Your Doorstep

Sock Service Delivered To Your DoorstepIf you love trendy, comfortable and long-lasting socks, check out It’s a monthly subscription service that will deliver socks to your door. A men’s suit paired with some awesome socks can say that the person pays attention to the small things, and knows how to accentuate an otherwise toned down outfit. The company’s fastest growing customer is women, age 18-36, which proves that women love socks just as much as men do!

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How To Layer Your Skin-Care Products

How To Layer Your Skin-Care ProductsBy layering your skin care products properly, you’ll receive the benefits the products were designed to provide. When you layer products, be sure to give them 1-2 minutes in between application so they will dry and not pill.

  • Serums are the lightest so start with a serum designed for your skin needs.
  • Antioxidants brighten, protect against sun damage and promote collagen growth.
  • Moisturizer will lock in the serum and antioxidants.
  • Oil will make the skin look radiant but only in a very small dose and only in very dry areas. Oil can penetrate moisturizers but not vice versa.
  • Sunscreen is the last step!
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Congrats To Project Gravitas & JAG Models!

Congrats To Project Gravitas & JAG Models!Socially-conscious dress company Project Gravitas and JAG Models, an agency devoted to embracing women of all sizes, are teaming up to promote body-positive change within the fashion industry.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Project Gravitas founder and CEO Lisa Sun explained that her fashion company is all about fostering confidence among women. Since most of our perceptions are shaped by the media we consume, she said, it’s crucial to show more than one type of body image in fashion.

“So, we’ve got to show more than just size zeros and twos,” Sun said. “Size zeros and twos are beautiful, [but] we’ve gotta show size zero through 18 … because that gives girls the chance to say, ‘I am me and I’m in a magazine too.’”

According to JAG Models co-founder Gary Dakin, this consumer-oriented way of thinking is starting to make waves in the industry. (Courtesy of Huffington Post)

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Taking Holiday Photos

Taking Holiday PhotosIt’s that time of the year again where families gather to pose for the much anticipated holiday photo! Unless your family matriarch has issued a mandate that everyone will be wearing the same color or a specific clothing item (hopefully not reindeer sweaters), choose a color that is most flattering to your skin tone, keep your outfit style simple, go light on the accessories, go natural on your makeup and hair style and remember to smile. Since family holiday photos are preserved for posterity, you don’t want to be looking at this year’s photo in 10 years and wonder “what was I thinking”!

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A Top Beauty Dilemma Solved!

A Top Beauty Dilemma SolvedWhen your favorite eye shadow is broken, don’t despair. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol and mix it with your eye shadow into a smooth paste. Pat it down with a spoon and let it sit overnight. It will be good as new and ready to use. This also works with powdered blush. By extending the life of your powdered beauty products, you will save money.

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