Practice Photo Posing

Practice Photo PosingFrequently, a new model will pose stiffly and without a lot of creativity. In other words, they know basic poses but haven’t learned how to make them unique unto themselves. As you practice, you will find that posing becomes easier and more natural. It takes a lot of practice and a willingness to experiment with facial expressions, arm, leg, hand placement, etc. You will learn what works and what doesn’t.  Ultimately, your confidence will increase and you will have developed a unique set of posing skills.

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Models With Disabilities

Models With Disabilities Congratulations to Nordstrom, H&M, Diesel, Swiffer and Duracell for hiring models with disabilities! It’s about time company’s start hiring models who reflect their customers and communities. We’re sure there are more companies doing the same thing and we say ‘more power to them’.

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Your Teeth Are Priceless

Your Teeth Are PricelessTreated with care, they enhance your looks and serve you well. Neglected, they not only lose their luster, but they decay. Having that dental check-up once or twice a year is essential. Follow the below tips to insure good dental health:

WATCH WHAT YOU EAT: Sweets are sure to ruin all your teeth. Teeth are defenseless against the lactic acid formed in your mouth when you eat sugary foods. Apples increase your saliva, a natural mouthwash. Raw vegetables contain mineral salt which also cleanses. Brush your teeth after every meal. If you can’t, rinse your mouth with cold water.

PLAQUE: Even if you never touch sugar, your teeth are bound to collect some of that awful whitish yellow stuff, the demon of the dental world-plaque. Plaque is made of food, bacteria and acid which can burn a hole right into your tooth! Plaque takes 12-24 hours to form, so if it’s removed during this time period, not enough of it can collect to do any damage to your teeth or gum tissue. Remember to brush after every meal and use dental floss!

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$20,000 On Shoes?

$20,000 On Shoes?A recent poll of 2,000 American and British women (between the ages of 18 and 60) showed that the typical female will own about 268 pairs of shoes during her adult life.

The poll found that women typically purchase four pairs of shoes each year, spending around $60 per pair. More than one fifth said they are addicted to shoes and purchase a brand new pair at least once a month.

Black was the first choice of color with brown, blue and nude rounding out the top color choices. Black ballet flats, boots and stiletto heels are the top choices. “MSN Living”

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Harmful Beauty Routines

HARMFUL BEAUTY ROUTINES BLEACHING YOUR TEETH: Hydrogen peroxide is used in most teeth whitening products (professional and at home). This can cause changes to tooth enamel, making it weaker and increase sensitivity. While teeth whitening is not permanent, the harmful effect on your teeth will be.

LASH EXTENSIONS: Lash extensions can seem like a miracle product. They visually thicken and lengthen your real lashes. BUT – lashes have to be applied using semi-permanent glue, with touch ups every 3-4 weeks. The bad news is that you can suffer hair loss of your natural eyelashes, develop an irritation or infection due to the glue or bacteria that your extensions can catch.

As with all beauty rituals, carefully consider the benefits versus the consequences! Most likely, the short term benefits won’t justify the long-term damage.

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Real Actors Do What?

  1. Real Actors Do What?Real actors learn to act in theatre. If you can’t act on stage, you aren’t good enough to be an actor! Stage acting is where you learn and gain experience, build your resume and make important industry connections
  2. Real actors don’t care about impressing anyone – they act because they love to act and everything that comes with acting. In other words, their passion overrides everything else and everyone’s opinions
  3. Real actors develop their talent, are committed and dedicated – it’s called hard work!
  4. Real actors understand that 99.9% of the time, overnight success is a fantasy
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What Is Voice Acting?

What Is Voice Acting?Voice acting is the art of providing voices for animated characters (including those in feature films, television programs, animated short films, and video games) and radio and audio dramas and comedy, as well as doing voice-overs in radio and television commercials, audio dramas, dubbed foreign language films, video games, puppet shows, and amusement rides.

Performers are called voice actors/actresses, voice artists or simply voice talent.

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What Is ‘Method Acting’?

What Is 'Method Acting'?Method acting involves adopting the lifestyle, habits or traits that are a reflection of the character you are trying to portray. Immersing yourself heavily into your characters mindset, will enable you to understand their motives or actions and gain a better understanding of how they feel. As a result you portray them with greater accuracy; many successful actors and actresses have adopted this particular method and as a result gained awards and praise for performances using method acting. Based on the theories of Stanislavsky, ‘the method’ as it is also known is associated mainly with Lee Strasberg. Some famous method actors/actresses include Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert De Niro, Christian Bale, Edward Norton, Adrian Brody, Joaquin Phoenix, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Naomi Watts and of course Marilyn Monroe!

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Double-Cleanse Your Skin – The Asian Way of Cleansing & Makeup Removal

Double-Cleanse Your Skin - The Asian Way of Cleansing & Makeup RemovalWe think the Asian way of cleansing one’s skin can teach us a lot! The Asians are famous for having beautiful clear skin. Double cleansing is exactly what it says. You cleanse your skin twice. The first time around you use cleansing oil and the second, with a foaming cleanser.

The cleansing oil removes facial oil, makeup and skin impurities (also great for removing waterproof mascara). The foam cleanser ensures that your skin is really clean and that your moisturizer will absorb better.

We all know that models have to wear a lot of makeup so double cleansing is second nature to them. We don’t recommend any particular brands. A note of caution: If you have dry or combination skin, we recommend that you double cleanse only twice a week because you don’t want to make your skin drier.

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Model Competition

Model CompetitionCompetition in modeling is unique in that it is often one-on-one, more visible, and that repeated rejection can take its toll on a model’s confidence. A potential professional model expects to be a little insecure when she/he is first starting out. But once success is achieved does insecurity disappear? Hardly!  Some days it might feel like the clients are demanding, and that no one considers you beyond your face/figure/body. So what can you do about the fear of competition, real or imagined? Remind yourself that the self confidence you are always radiating is not just a show. It’s based on a sense of your own self-worth. Only you can give yourself the inner strength you need to stand up to the competition and impersonal demands of the modeling business. Always remember to stay positive! You can do it! As for the ‘competition’ itself, be friendly and cooperative with other models, especially those in your own agency. Remember, they may be under as much stress as you are, and they’re probably just as nervous. Give the competition support as co-workers in the business!

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