“Girlfriend” Jeans

"Girlfriend" JeansThink of girlfriend jeans as schlumpy boyfriend jeans, on a diet. They’re just as comfortable, only cuter.

WHO CAN WEAR THEM? Anyone! Girlfriend jeans are relaxed but not sloppy. The sleeker silhouette eliminates the boxiness that’s typical with boyfriend jeans.

HOW SHOULD THEY FIT? They should be a bit roomy but not slouchy or hanging off your hips. They should not cling to the curves of your body.

WHAT DO I WEAR WITH THEM? Shoot for “not trying too hard chicness”. Essentially you can wear casual to dressy with the jeans.

ROLLED CUFFS 101 – Jeans with rolled up cuffs are BACK! NOTE: Pegging – the right rolling from the 80’s is NOT back – very passe! Fold the hem upward about ½ inch. Repeat once or twice more until the rolled cuff hits about an inch or two above your ankle. Remember, you aren’t going for a ‘capri’ look – keep it around your ankle. Cuffs that look a bit off-kilter will look effortless and cool.

Trivia Note: In 1984, the very famous fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent said “I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.”

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Casting Director Pet Peeves

Casting Director Pet Peeves

We recently came across a blog written by Marci Liroff, a well known casting director, with over 50 movies to her credit. She wrote a blog called “The Totally Uncensored List of Casting Director Pet Peeves”. We have taken excerpts from this particular blog and highly recommend that all actors seriously take to heart what she has to say!

  • DON’T WEAR PERFUME OR COLONGE – Many individuals, including casting directors, are highly sensitive and allergic to perfume and get migraines and nausea.
  • NO WEAPONS, NOT EVEN FAKE ONES – Pulling fake guns and knives is traumatic. If a scene asks you to pull a knife out of your jacket, don’t do it in an audition. Especially if you don’t tell the CD beforehand. This could lead to furniture being toppled and a big producer putting you in a choke hold!
  • MAKE SURE YOUR RESUME AND PICTURE ARE STAPLED TOGETHER – Don’t ask to borrow the CD’s stapler! Make sure your contact information and agent is written on the photos and your resume in case they get separated. When the CD asks for your picture, don’t hand him/her three of your photos and tell them to pick. Make your choice beforehand.
  • EXCUSES – Leave them at home!
  • DON’T HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE – Never underestimate the effect being pleasant has on everyone.
  • IF IT’S A DRIVING SCENE – You don’t have to pretend you are actually “driving” a car.
  • DON’T SLAP YOUR SIDES OR YOUR THIGHS – it’s an unnecessary distraction.
  • CASTING DIRECTORS ARE NOT ACTING COACHES IN YOUR AUDITION – Be prepared and don’t ask if you can “try it a few different ways”.
  • REVIEW EVERY PIECE OF INFORMATION ON THE SCENE BREAKDOWN – Marci reminds actors that if they treat their audition prep like a regular job interview, and go through all the information that’s provided to them, it’s going to free the actor up to simply act.

We will share more of Marci’s amazing knowledge and expertise in future blogs!

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2015-2016 Fall/Winter Shoe Update

2015-2016 Fall/Winter Shoe UpdateThere are so many options for footwear this year that it will be very simple, regardless of your budget, to find the right shoe(s) for the fall and winter seasons.

  • Tan-suede ankle boots
  • Black, front-laced flat boots, ankle or mid-calf height
  • Over-the-knee boots, preferably with a high heel (lots of high drama!)
  • Loafers in a neutral tone, flat or with a chunky two inch heel
  • Cap-toed and block-heeled versions of the 60’s style ankle boot
  • Pin-thin stiletto ankle boots (preferably in black or burgundy)
  • Mary Janes with unexpected textures and edgy details (flat and heeled)
  • Sneakers in fresh white, silver and gold
  • Brogues with cutouts, skins and metallic studs
  • Flats (ballet, round toed, pointed toe) in fall colors, leather or suede
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2015 Fashion Week’s Observations

2015 Fashion Week's Observations

  • For Chanel’s Fall 2015 show, Karl Lagerfeld sent out every model in the same beige slingback shoe with black cap toes and bold sensible three inch heels. The look was totally Parisian and confident.
  • Flattering pinks were present on nearly every runway, from bridesmaid’s blush to a hothouse orchid. Conversely, to name just a few colors, red, marigold, red and green, silver, neutrals, neons, pale blue and black and white were shown in many of the collections. Nothing was too busy for spring and summer 2016 fashions.
  • Alexander Wang showed flats that can carry you throughout the day without having to visit your podiatrist! Additionally, we saw shoes that were dainty and/or sturdy so you can’t go wrong with your shoe choices.
  • Bracelets are bigger and bolder as are handbags. Accessories are the least expensive way to give your wardrobe a fashion facelift. Turbans and headwraps were another accessory making an appearance this year on the runway. There is ample hair jewelry in nearly every store with glittering rhinestones that are flattering to all ages.
  • Skirts and dresses were in all lengths and even those that incorporate maxi, mini and midi, all in one!
  • Gucci rummaged through the attic for its Fall ready-to-wear collection, showing chunky, heirloom-style dinner rings alongside fragile dresses and floral suits. There wasn’t a real pearl or stone in the bunch. Fashion jewelry (costume jewelry) is big this fall season.

We think Donna Karan summed it up by saying “It’s not about the fashion designer anymore, but how the woman pulls herself together – she becomes her own designer.”

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Allure’s “Best of Beauty” Special Issue

Allure's "Best of Beauty" Special IssueThe annual special issue (October) of Allure’s “Best of Beauty” is without doubt, the best resource for what’s new and what’s the BEST in skincare, cosmetics, body care, hair care, nail care and fragrances. We love everything about this issue and we want you to know how hard the Allure staff works on selecting the best 260 products of the year. Did you know that…..

  • They tried enough tubes of mascara to coat the lashes of 8,778 people
  • It took twelve weeks to test all the products, or about the time it takes for a tadpole to grow into a frog
  • If you stocked your shower with all of the shampoo contenders, you’d be able to wash your hair once a day for 38 years
  • The least expensive winning product costs 99 cents
  • The most expensive winner will set you back $360
  • You’d get 33,988 swipes of lipstick out of the long-lasting tubes in the running

ALLURE added some new terms to their beauty lexicon:

CUSHION COMPACT: A compact case that holds a porous sponge saturated with liquid makeup. They are almost totally mess-free and the lightweight makeup subtly tints cheeks or conceals blemishes and redness.

ESSENCE: A toner-like fluid that hydrates with hyaluronic acid or glycerin and enhances the absorption of other skin care products. In other words, it’s a toner that moisturizes your skin instead of drying it out.

MICELLAR WATER: A face cleansing solution made of purified water, hydrating ingredients, and mild surfactants. It doesn’t have to be rinsed off and is ideal for anyone with sensitive, dry or acne-prone skin.

Be sure to pick up your special issue and read about all the amazing products that will help you look and feel your best!

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Practice Those Monologues

Practice Those MonologuesChad Darnell, casting director for “Magic Mike XXL”, recently commented on the lack of acting talent in a particular U.S. city (will remain unnamed). His advice “get into acting classes and start training” serves as an important reminder of learning the right way to break into the acting industry and continually practicing your monologues.

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The Fringe Bag

The Fringe BagA sure sign of a ‘70s’ revival is the fringe bag. It has swung back in style and is the calling card of those who long for an earthier, bohemian and fun look.

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Why Eye Contact Is So Important

WHY EYE CONTACT IS SO IMPORTANT Making eye contact can mean many different things, in different countries or cultures, depending on the setting and the people locking eyes! In Western countries like the United States, making eye contact means respect, interest, appreciation and understanding that many times mean the difference between seeming rude or a new friendship.

Use your eyes to project a positive and confident image. Locking eyes and knowing when to look away is a good people skill to possess. If you are shy and have trouble holding eye contact, practice with a good friend or family member. Keep practicing and soon you’ll be able to hold eye contact with anyone you encounter!

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Three Great Fashion Hacks

Three Great Fashion HacksSoften a T-Shirt: Make a t-shirt feel vintage-soft by brining it for three days in a mix of one quart of water and 1/2 cup of salt.

Prevent Fading in Dark Jeans: Add 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar to the last washing cycle.

Unstick a Pesky Zipper: Rub Vaseline, crayon wax, or the end of a graphite pencil along the teeth of a zipper to help it slide smoothly.

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Craft Custom Brow Arches

Craft Custom Brow ArchesFor your personal-best brows, put down the tweezers and upload a selfie to Benefit’s Brow Genie (benefitbrowgenie.com). The site’s facial-recognition software will mock up a before-and-after split screen and show where your ideal arches start, peak, and end. Full arches are still trending, but brushing hairs straight up is equally key for fall’s runway brows. Use a dry spoolie to coax hairs up and outward. Then, with a powder in a shade that’s lighter than your own brows, draw a straight line through the middle of each brow and blend. Sweep on a tinted gel to set the brows.

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