How Much Do Beauty Bloggers Make?

How Much Do Beauty Bloggers Make?Most of us are addicted to YouTube for the latest makeup or hair tutorials. Have you ever wondered how much those beauty bloggers make? They actually make a lot of money!

AdAge did a deep dive on YouTube’s most popular beauty bloggers and calculated what the most popular stars are making, using data from Outrigger Media. As it turns out, some are making tens of thousands of dollars per month.

If you have a passion for beauty, willing to work hard and learn how to brand yourself, you can join the ranks and start turning your passion into a full-time job!

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The Actor’s Attitude

The Actor's AttitudeAn actor should always regard a TV audition as a performance. It is important to appear professional, relaxed and confident in spite of any nervousness you might feel. Keep in mind, as an actor, that in asking for the client’s confidence in you to sell a product you must first prove your ability to sell yourself! Self-esteem along with acting skill and technical knowledge are the key ingredients for a successful audition.

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Do You Breakout When Using SPF Products?

Do You Breakout When Using SPF Products?There are two general types of sunscreens, physical and chemical ones. Physical sunscreens use physical UV filters, while chemical sunscreens use chemical UV filters.

A physical sunscreen protects your skin from the sun by DEFLECTING or blocking the sun’s rays. A chemical sunscreen works by ABSORBING the sun’s rays. Obviously, a physical sunscreen is best because it deflects the harmful sun rays and it has only two UV Filers (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide). A chemical sunscreen contains 12 UV Filters which is way too many chemicals!

So, next time you are checking out skin care or cosmetic products that contain a SPF, looks for the physical version which will help prevent skin breakouts!

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Fancify Your Button-Down

Fancify Your Button DownDresses are expected evening wear. Go for the surprise, and make crisp button-down acceptable nighttime attire. A full skirt and fancy flats help the look to feel dressed up without being stuffy.

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DAILYACTOR.COM We LOVE! The site is an invaluable resource for aspiring actors and working actors. You can read about acting news, interviews, acting tips, acting resources and actor blogs. All of the information is current, relevant and very, very helpful.

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Do You Have A Shoe Addiction?

Do You Have A Shoe Addiction?We bet you love shoes as much as we do and we never pass up a shoe sale. Read on for a few things we bet you never knew about the shoes you wear all the time!

  • Men were the first people to wear heels! In the 10th century, men who rode horses needed their boots to have heels in order to say in their stirrups.
  • Platform shoes used to be worn by Greek actors to signify their status. When the Ancient Greeks staged plays, costumes were crucial for audiences to identify characters. “Tragic” actors wore raised platform shoes, to symbolize their superiority over comic actors, who would wear plain socks.
  • Sneakers got their name because their rubber soles do not make noise.
  • The red sole on Louboutins came about when the designer wasn’t quite satisfied with how a prototype shoe looked and he saw his assistant painting her nails a bright red color. He grabbed her nail polish and painted it all over the black sole of the shoe! Thus, all Louboutins now have red soles!

In a 2010 interview with Cosmopolitan, Suzanne Ferriss, PHD, and editor of “Footnotes: On Shoes” said that a woman’s addiction to buying shoes triggers an area in the brain’s prefrontal cortex that is called the collecting spot. “Shoes are a collector’s item”, whether women realize they perceive them that way or not”!

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Basic Vocal Warm Up For Auditions

Basic Vocal Warm Up for AuditionsAt your next audition, try this simply version of a vocal warm-up.

  1. Squeeze the muscles in your face tight. This includes your eyes and lips. After holding for a beat or two, release your muscles, open your eyes and mouth as wide as possible stretching all the muscles of the face. Repeat the exercise several times.
  2. NEXT, relax your lips and blow gently. This should cause your lips to vibrate. Take an easy breath in, expanding your abdomen and add voice to blowing out, going from low to high in pitch and back again. You are doing this exercise correctly if your lips and nose tingle!
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Public Service Announcement: Beware of “Circle Lens!”

Public Service Announcement: Beware of "Circle Lens!"A new breed of contact lenses that makes peepers look abnormally large a la the anime-inspired eyes. According to The New York Times, circle lenses are contacts made to cover not only your iris but part of the white part of your eyes to make them look big and doe-like. They come in both regular and unexpected colors, some with special designs on them. And they’re gaining popularity like you wouldn’t believe.

But there’s a snag: They’re not approved for the States, so teenagers and young girls are buying them in Asia and Canada from various websites. And some companies will even let you order your own prescription, which worries eye doctors, who are concerned that people will be wearing the wrong strength for their eyes. In fact, Karen Riley, a spokeswoman for the F.D.A., was quoted as saying “Consumers risk significant eye injuries—even blindness.”

Our conclusion: Until the United States approves them over here, we say forget it! Nothing is worth damaging your eyes or eyesight!

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Do You Hate Nail Polish Remover?

Do You Hate Nail Polish Remover?Most nail polish removers have loads and loads of alcohol or acetone. The smell can be dizzying! We suggest checking out CHROME GIRL GENIE. It’s free of acetone and parabens! The remover comes in a jar filled with individual soaked pads, so cotton balls are not needed. The best part about this polish remover is its smell – Pina Colada!

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5 Prettiest Nail Colors for Spring

5 Prettiest Nail Colors for SpringWe can’t wait for spring manicures and pedicures! A sneak preview of the “IT” colors for 2015 spring:

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