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Bathing Suit Body Types

Bathing Suit Body Types Let’s face it, no matter how fit you are, not all bathing suits look good on every body type. Instead of heading out knowing you don’t look your best, wear what works to impress.   The … Continue reading

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2017 Summer Fashion

With the cool of spring quickly burning off, it’s time to prep for those lazy summer days with the trends that will be making their way across the world. Seasonal Stripes It’s no secret that beach manufacturers love stripes. From … Continue reading

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2017 Lip Color Trends

With so many color choices available, it’s important to prep those that will be revealing themselves throughout 2017. Pretty in Pink A classic that never seems to fade away, pink is perfect for almost any situation. It’s a calm, muted … Continue reading

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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Spring is just around the corner as we finally begin to see hints of that wonderful thaw sweeping across the world. Now is the best time to welcome fun, fresh styles that embrace this warmer weather. Athleisure A combination of … Continue reading

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A History of the Supermodel

Supermodels are those women that define a generation’s fashion. They are the face of that era’s haute couture. Originally coined back in 1890, the term as we know it today didn’t take on its modern appearance until the 1940s when … Continue reading

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Spring Suede

This beautiful and so, so soft fabric hasn’t been this stylish in decades! From classic neutrals to saturated colors; from handbags to shoes, you can’t miss adding something suede to your spring and summer wardrobe. A few tips on how … Continue reading

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What is a Fashionista, Recessionista, and Fatshionista?

A person devoted to fashion clothing, specifically unique or high fashion. A person not to be called a fashionista would be someone who obsessively follows trends. REAL fashionistas do not believe in trends. In the sense of a consumer, a … Continue reading

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2015 Fashion Week’s Observations

For Chanel’s Fall 2015 show, Karl Lagerfeld sent out every model in the same beige slingback shoe with black cap toes and bold sensible three inch heels. The look was totally Parisian and confident. Flattering pinks were present on nearly … Continue reading

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The Fringe Bag

A sure sign of a ‘70s’ revival is the fringe bag. It has swung back in style and is the calling card of those who long for an earthier, bohemian and fun look.

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Fancify Your Button-Down

Dresses are expected evening wear. Go for the surprise, and make crisp button-down acceptable nighttime attire. A full skirt and fancy flats help the look to feel dressed up without being stuffy.

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