The Best of Fashion Month

The Best of Fashion MonthMore colloquially referred to as Fashion Week, this month-long event is a global parade where all of the hottest designers debut their collections for the upcoming seasons. Pulling in celebrities, models and photographers all bent on capturing the allure of haute couture, it’s the extremes that really bring out the best.

Haute Horror

For horror fans out there, Calvin Klein premiered a wildly lavish set celebrating the darker aspects of the season. Pom-poms and dangling axes decorated the ceiling while the models paraded around grungy wear complete with printed t-shirts and shoes inspired by Friday the 13th. While there were other designs that graced the runway, it was the macabre feel that really took center stage.

All Style

True to his reputation built on class, style and wealth, Ralph Lauren’s show went loud and proud this year instead of choosing the more usual route of toned down. Next to a fleet of sports cars, including a 1938 Bugatti, models paraded around fashions that remained true to the quintessential American feel Lauren has made his own. The show was made even more impressive by having taken place in the famed designer’s garage in Bedford Mills, New York.

Silence is Golden

Perhaps the most unforgettable show was Marc Jacobs’ bold silence. There were a total of 56 models that strode the runway not to the blaring music from speakers overhead but to their own rhythm. With a ground made of old wood planks, the footsteps echoed. Then, as if a breath of fresh air hit the show, all models came out for a finales set to the 1981 aria from Diva. It was a show of higher fashion with even higher theatrical tastes.

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