The Five Most Common Mascara Mistakes (Allure Best of Beauty 2012)

THE FIVE MOST COMMON MASCARA MISTAKES So you think you know how to apply mascara? OK, you probably do. But there are still pitfalls to avoid!

PILING ON 50 COATS: Most mascaras are only meant to be layered twice. When you put mascara on top of a stiff coat, it’s going to clump and look spidery.

PUMPING THE WAND: All that extra air in the tube causes clumps and flakes!

HOLDING ON TO IT: If you can’t remember when you purchased your mascara, toss it! Germs that grow in mascara can cause redness, itchiness and even sties or pinkeye.

EXPOSED ROOTS:  If you wiggle your mascara at the base of your lashes, you get a gold star! If not, start doing it.

TOO MUCH MUSCLE:  If you press too hard at the base you get brush marks on your upper or lower lids. Clean up mistakes with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover.

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