Top Ten Photo Shoot Tips

photo shootOnce you’ve booked your photo shoot, you will want to remember these important photo shoot tips!

  1. Arrive early and well rested
  2. Arrive with a GREAT attitude!
  3. Clean face, hair and nails (only clear or nude polish is permitted)
  4. Bring all skincare, makeup and hair products just in case a makeup artist is not available
  5. Do not tan as it will age you in person and definitely in your photographs
  6. All clothing MUST be clean, pressed (on hangers) and organized with accessories
  7. Tear sheets showing photo poses you want to duplicate
  8. Wear proper undergarments!
  9. Don’t wear white or shiny fabrics – clothing should not display slogans or graphics
  10. Be opened minded – listen and take directions from the photographer
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