New Year’s Resolutions!

new years resolutionIn an effort to help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions we suggest the following approach. Only select 2-3 resolutions and no more than that! Make sure your resolutions are realistic and can be accomplished within a reasonable time period. 39% of those who make New Year’s resolutions forget about it in the first week!

Since weight loss is a popular resolution we propose the following example: You want to lose 50 pounds within the next year. We think waiting one year to finally say “I did it” is too long to wait! We suggest breaking the 50 pounds down into weeks and say “I’m going to lose one pound per week (remember, one pound a week is a healthy way to reduce and will definitely help you keep the weight off in the future). At the end of each week, you can say “I did it” and have the last two weeks of the year to decide on the next New Year’s resolutions. We find this approach will keep you motivated and enthusiastic about your weight loss resolution. A word of caution about losing weight; always eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. Remember that fad diets do not work!

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