Winterize Your Face

Winterize Your FaceThe winter’s cold temperatures and warm rooms will dry your skin out. Follow these simple tips to keep your skin looking healthy:

  • Use creamy facial cleanser designed for your skin type. Soaps are too drying!
  • Change moisturizers! Switch to a heavier emollient moisturizer. Apply first thing after washing your face in the morning and before you go to bed at night.
  • Use a hydrating mist before applying your moisturizer (locks in the moisture) and throughout the day.
  • Generously apply lip balm throughout the day. If you wear lipstick, make sure it’s a creamy lipstick. Avoid licking your lips because it draws the moisture out of your lips.
  • Gently exfoliate your face once a week.
  • Use a cold water humidifier in your home. At the very least, use one in your bedroom.


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