Holiday Dressing On A Budget

Holiday DressingStretching your wardrobe budget through the busy party season is challenging! A few simple tips will keep you looking fashionably festive and your budget intact.

  • Holiday colors are silver, gold, bronze, red, royal blue, green and of course black
  • Wardrobe basics such as a black dress or black slacks have endless possibilities for the holiday season
  • Shoe color doesn’t have to match but should be in the same color family as your dominant outfit color
  • Or, if you are wearing all black it’s okay to wear hot pink suede heels for that impact punch
  • Stylish accessories can significantly change any outfit – belts, tights, purse, jewelry and hair “jewelry”
  • Mix your wardrobe fabrics. Example: If you are wearing a shiny blouse, don’t wear a shiny skirt – too much shine.
  • Be creative and unique – create your own personal holiday style!


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