Signature piecesA signature piece is typically something you wear everyday! It identifies you –it makes a statement about who you are. It can be anything from a fragrance, makeup, hairstyle, jewelry, a particular color, etc.

Think Ellen Degeneres – Tailored crisp button downs, vests and sweaters, sporty sneakers, Club Monaco jeans, not to mention her Cover Girl contract – minimal, fresh clean look!

Think Chanel – Miles of pearls and big sunglasses!

Think Ryan Gosling – Cool biker jackets and elegant menswear!

Think Gwen Stefani – bright red lipstick and blonde hair!

Think Emma Watson – Favors nude colors and trench coats!

Think David Beckham – Uber elegant – whether dressed down casual or dressing up with an unexpected fashion twist!

Your signature piece or style should be something that you LOVE! It isn’t a fashion trend but rather a piece that will last for years and compliment you in every way!


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