Wardrobe BasicsIf you don’t have a natural fashion flair talent, you can get help with your wardrobe from a variety of resources.

  • Fashion Magazines – the #1 resource for those interested in fashion and current trends. Magazines feature everything from the latest styles, fabrics, accessories, colors, including shoes and handbags.
  • Department Stores – Most retail clothing is always grouped together within each department with clothes that coordinate well with each other.
  • Clothing Manufactures – Many manufactures have a ‘dress for success’ clothing line.
  • Fashion Consultants – Department stores offer fashion consulting services; some are free and more extensive consulting costs a fee.
  • Buy out-of-season bargains
  • Buy all season clothing to wear year round – layer your clothes!
  • Don’t skimp on coats and shoes –items you wear a lot (depending on climate)
  • Budget shopping – Designer resale stores, outlets, thrift stores and e-Bay are great places to find those ‘treasures’
  • The Boy’s Department – Often times it is possible to find what you are looking for, like a great white shirt, for less money in the boy’s departments.
  • Create a basic wardrobe first, using neutral colors such as black, brown, navy, grey and white. Mix and match whenever possible.

Remember, it isn’t about how much money you spend but instead buying the best quality on your wardrobe budget!

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