beauty productsToday’s drug stores have cutting-edge skin care, hair care and makeup products! Many large drug stores like Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Duane Read employ beauty advisors who can assist you with selecting the perfect product to meet your needs. They also have free sample packets of skin care so don’t be afraid to ask for a sample.

American shoppers scan shelves from left to right. Name brands and new products will be placed to the left while store brands are displayed on right end of the shelf. Brand names are typically place at eye-level and store brands are placed on the lowest level!

Beware of super cheap makeup like lipstick (can be super waxy with no staying power) and eye pencils (sometimes they are hard and won’t glide well). Conversely, drug store lipsticks, gloss and lip stains are comparable to luxury brands!

When buying skin care products and if you feel overwhelmed with the choices, look for the brands who sell kits for your specific skin type. Many times products are made to be used together  so buying the products in a kit taking the guess work out of your purchase.

Twice a year, drugstores present the new cosmetic shades, typically in January or July. If you find a color you love, buy extras because once it’s sold out, it’s typically gone forever!

Your local drug store is a treasure store of great beauty products when shopping on a budget. With a little comparison shopping, you’ll find some great products that work just as well or better than high-priced department store lines.

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