What is it? Why is it important? How do you slate successfully? Here’s how to ace one of the most overlooked aspects of an audition.

What is slating?

Slating is the short introduction that kicks off an audition where you state your name and other statistics the casting crew asks for.

Why does it matter?

Isn’t the audition the piece that matters most? Yes and no. While the audition sells your acting acumen, the slate is where you make your impression. It’s the first few seconds the casting crew sees you and that can make or break if they’re even interested in what comes next.

What do I do?

The slate is a very fine line to walk. Some actors go way too far and ham it up well beyond acceptable levels. Others don’t treat it with enough importance and don’t add any charm. Basically, be yourself at your absolute best.

When going through the information you’ll be listing, such as name, location, agent, height, or role you’re auditioning for, be sure to avoid age. You don’t want to draw attention to something that doesn’t matter. If you’re a good fit, you’re a good fit regardless of the year you were born in.

As for the script, keep it simple but don’t be afraid to play around with what sounds interesting. You could start with a “Hi, I’m…” or exclude that and jump straight to your name. The English language is extremely versatile and, often, ditching traditional sentence structures in favor of something new and exciting can really catch the attention of a casting director.

Finally, face the camera with your shoulders back and head held high. Just as you want your voice to exude confidence, so, too, do you want your body to exhibit the same pride and belief that you are a cut above.

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