Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

The season of giving is a great time to celebrate our own gifts as well as offer the resources we have to better the lives of others. Here’s how you can make someone else’s holiday all the merrier.


As you go through your closet this season, set aside a pile of things that are still in good condition. Instead of throwing them away, bring them down to your nearby donation center and drop them off. You can’t use those items anymore, but there is certainly someone out there who can.

Care Packages

For the military, the job is never done, as evinced by the over 160,000 troops stationed across the world in over 150 different countries. Even if you can only put together a few packages, gifts from home are priceless to those who can’t celebrate the holiday with their friends and families.


There are countless organizations that need volunteers each and every day. Search through your local listings and find a cause that speaks to you. Maybe it’s helping homeless animals. Maybe it’s feeding the hungry. Maybe it’s bringing a smile to a sick child’s face. Even helping one sends out ripples of generosity that affect many.

Give Blood

Giving blood is a truly selfless act. It costs nothing and takes less than an hour and can save someone’s life. Check in with the local donation center to find out when the next drive is or if you can donate today.

Spruce Up the Neighborhood

Hold a potluck. Pick up trash. Trim the bushes. Plant some winter greens. When it comes to giving back, we like to think big, but the reality is that the biggest impact we can make is in our own neighborhood. Start there and see just how wonderful things can get.

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