Holiday Make-Up Trends

Holiday Make-Up Trends
Media Source: Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

Hankering for some holiday helpings of merry makeup? Here are the trends making the rounds this season.

The Vamp

Lips are a big focus and to help them out is the vampy look. The key to pulling this extreme look off is to stick with a very dark matte lipstick that only has a small hint of purple or red peeking out. Don’t forget that this color should also compliment your skin, so test out a lot of colors to be sure you find one that truly pops.

The Spider

The eyelids are always in fashion but rare is it for the lower lids to receive a lot of gussying up. Luckily, this season brings a lot of focus to the lower part of the eyes. Known as the spider lash, this trend uses fake lashes along the bottom lid to help frame those beautiful peepers.

The Glow

With winter drying out everything, it’s quite the dramatic sight to see glowing, shining skin and lips. You don’t need sunshine to bring out your best. All you need is a high quality liquid highlighter paired with a stunning, moisturizing lip gloss.

The Natural

If loud and proud isn’t your cup of tea, this year pushes a lot of focus on a natural look. Opt for browns and bronze. Neutrals and mattes are the perfect combination for bringing out your natural beauty in a way that will have people wondering if you even have makeup on in the first place.

The Bright

If you are of fan of makeup that blasts color, blues and periwinkles are all the rage this season. It’s as 80s as it gets but the shape and the shades bring it to the modern era. Have fun going as bold as you want to blast away the winter gray.

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