The Hottest Halloween Makeup Looks for 2020

The Hottest Halloween Makeup Looks for 2020

Halloween is the best holiday of the year. It kicks off a full two months of celebration as fall turns into winter turns into more winter. With makeup tutorials having taken over the internet, costumes now are more about how well you can paint than what props you can buy. Here are the hottest looks for this year’s parties.


Don’t judge this too harshly. With the success of 2019’s Joker and the adoration many people have for Harley Quinn, it should come as no surprise that clowns are in. The color scheme is up to you but the main features are to hit the eyes and lips with colors that pop. They can be vivid reds and blues or strong blacks and whites.


A classic look that never goes out of fashion, the vampire for this year favors pale skin, prominent cheekbones, seductive eyes, and tempting lips. Dark reds, browns, and blacks are all perfect additions to any vampiric disguise.

Ice Queens

Inspired by Frozen and adored by makeup artists who love a challenge, the Ice Queen look can be as subtle or loud as desired. The challenge, regardless of the ease of application, is the balancing of the cool blues around the eyes and the ghastly paleness of the skin with the deep red of the lips. Ideally, all of it should shine like ice.


Fairy makeup is a great way to look exotic and wild yet somehow modest. Often covered in flowers or vines, the fairy look embraces soft pinks, greens, purples, and whites to build a style that is as alluring as it is pretty. The key is to accentuate the eyes and then subtly accentuate the lips with a slight gloss or shimmer.

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