How to Get the Perfect Setup for Zoom

How to Get the Perfect Setup for Zoom

Auditions and meetings were already going digital and now, more so than ever before, an even greater push toward the virtual realm has happened. That means you have to know how to look your best on Zoom. This is how you shine.

The Right Tools

If you want to look good on Zoom, you have to look good without software. There’s an art to digital performance and that requires good hardware—a good camera, a good microphone, and good lighting.

The Camera – Your camera should have a resolution of at least 1080p and be able to go to a widescreen shot.

The Microphone – You need a crystal clear sound to match your crystal clear image, otherwise the video will be disorienting. If you need to be able to move, invest in a high quality clip microphone you can attach to your outfit. If you will be stationary, buy a unidirectional condenser microphone.

The Lighting – Great, basic lighting involves two front lights with detachable light reflectors and a single back light with a detachable deflector.

The Setup

Now you’ll need to set the space. Turn on your webcam and take a look at the shot. The top of your head should only have a small bit of space between it and the top of the frame. Once you’ve found the perfect angle, how does the lighting look? Try it with the reflectors and without. Which looks better? Once that looks great, it’s time to play around with what the computer can do. First, check out the software that came with your webcam. Play around with the settings. You should be able to adjust things like the white balance and saturation. After you’ve found a setting you like, open up Zoom and use its features to add any final touches.

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