How to Recreate the Latest Runway Trends

How to Recreate the Latest Runway Trends

Fashion is always moving forward. It’s here today, gone next season. That leaves little time for those of us that want to recreate such crafted styles but lack a full team of artists and designers. Here’s how to become your own fashion team.

Identify the Basics

Everything in fashion is based on something that came before. Once you find out what the specific design is based off of, you have exactly what you need to recreate it. With the original in hand, compare the two and make note of what was changed for the runway. How is it different from the original? When you can answer that, you’ll know how to achieve the current iteration by adjusting the base.

Find a Tutorial

Chances are high a how-to video or article won’t be ready about specific looks the day of the fashion show. However, there should be plenty of tutorials on how to achieve the original look the new one is based off of. Start there and practice. If you can do the basic, you can add a little more flair to match the runway. That being said, a lot of new stuff can be combinations of older designs so you may need to find a few tutorials before you get everything you need to succeed.

Practice Being Critical

A critical eye is essential for runway replication. You have to be able to try to recreate the look then examine yourself and identify what works and what doesn’t. Furthermore, you then have to be able to figure out why certain things don’t work. If you know the why, you can figure out how to fix things so that you successfully copy the new fashion while having it flatter you.

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