Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion Trends

It’s time to put away that summer wardrobe in favor of this year’s fall favorites. Here’s what to wear this season.

Marigold Madness

The color this fall is marigold, a darker yellow that truly captures the falling leaves. If you want a full outfit in this fashion, aim for dresses. If you’re more a fan of tops and bottoms, the tops are great in this color when paired with dark blue denim.

Darling Dresses

It’s time to dust off those thigh-high boots to pair with what’s known as a doll dress. Loosely fitted and draped down to the mid-thigh, these are perfect for the tall and slender out there. As for shoes, they also pair well with strappy sandals and unassuming heels.

Glamourous Gowns

Dresses can be great in the winter weather but only if they’re long enough to keep the heat in. Luckily, this year welcomes back both casual and formal maxi sheaths. More neutral browns are a favorite color but pastels work as well this season. Just make sure the dress is fitted to hug the curvature of your waist.

Metallic Mania

Materials made to look metallic are all in this season. Some are slightly shiny while others present a multitude of hues as they move through the light. Dresses, pants, skirts, and shirts are all being designed from these space age outfits.

Pretty Patchworks

Patchwork coats, the most extreme in style this season, were pretty common on the virtual runways. Many were also oversized. While pants are also a part of this trend, make sure only one item you’re wearing conforms to this look.

Knee-Length Legs

Shorts this fall season are down to the knees. The material doesn’t matter and neither does the fitting. They can be tight to your legs or loose so long as they stop before the calves.

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