Breaking In New Runway Shoes

Breaking In New Runway Shoes

New shoes are the best. Nothing is more exciting than getting to head out in a new pair and strut your stuff on the runway. However, the blisters that come with new shoes almost make it regrettable.


Luckily, your first big walk with a new pair doesn’t have to end with an hour long foot soaking session. Here’s how you deal with the discomfort and beat the blisters.

Three Days

Constraint is key. No matter the type of new shoe you’ve chosen for the runway, it’s going to take its toll on your back, hips, ankles, and knees. Preparation is everything. You’ll need at least three days to break them in fully (maybe more). On day one, only walk around in them for 30 minutes and only do so inside. On day two, bump that up to an hour and bring them outdoors. Day three should be at least two hours and reveal if you need a few more days to work with them.

Begin at the End

Do you do this shoe training in the morning? During your lunch break? The end of the day is the best time. This is because your feet are the most swollen they will be all day and when you’re breaking in those runway shoes, you want to make sure they’re broken in by your feet at their worst rather than their best.

Stay Dry

Most of us get sweaty feet and this is no good for your new shoes. A warm, moist environment does nothing but breed fungus, produce blisters, and possibly cause you to slip as you try and make it down and back. The simple trick here is to spray underarm antiperspirant on your feet prior to putting on the shoes.

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