Standing Out in an Audition

Standing Out in an Audition

There are a lot of artists out there and you’re just one more in a sea of hundreds of thousands. Each one of you is vying for that next gig and the audition is where the rubber meets the road. So how do you do it? How do you get the casting director to remember you?

Do Different

Of course you want to be different, that’s the whole point of standing out from the crowd, but what does being different even mean? With extremes solidly out of the picture, it’s time to focus in on your peers. Study them. Study their movements. Study what they’re saying. Is there one thing they all have in common? Is there one thing they’re all doing? Find out what that is and do it differently. Even a minor adjustment can be enough to catch the eye of the director.

Exude Equality

It’s time to start switching how you see directors. It’s normal to perceive them as above you since they have the power and, to an extent, a bit of deference is warranted, but they’re humans working a job the same as you. Use that to try and connect with them. If there’s down time while you’re waiting to start your audition, a quick joke about the day can loosen everyone up and forge a brief but memorable comradery.

Confer Confidence

This can never be said enough. Auditions require you to be confident. You don’t need a director’s approval to be there. You know you’ve put in the practice and deserve a chance just like anyone else. You’re there to have fun and give it your best shot regardless of the outcome. If it’s a wash, so be it. There will always be more auditions and more chances to land your dream gig.

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