At Home Photoshoots

At Home Photoshoots

Now that photography has gone fully digital, even our smartphones are capable of capturing shots that rival those of the professionals. That being said, a picture is only as good as the setup. Here’s what you need to make your at home shoot succeed.


No matter the type of shoot you want, lighting is the single most important thing you’ll need to consider and plan for. Good lighting does two things. First, it matches the type of photo you’re taking. For instance, if you’re aiming for dramatic, don’t go with soft lighting that covers up shadows. Go for bold, dramatic lights that cast stark shadows. Secondly, good lighting compliments your subject by bringing out all of their best features.


Any wall, any sheet, any cupboard can become a background for your photoshoot. Before setting up, though, take test shots to check for a few things. Does the background color compliment the skin tone and clothing of the subject? Is the lighting good? Is there anything distracting that draws attention away from the subject? If everything checks out, have fun! Most minor things can be touched up in post-processing.


The absolute bare minimum you’ll need to have a photoshoot at home is a camera. While you should aim to eventually invest in a good quality professional camera, a smartphone can do the trick in a pinch. Next, invest in a decent lighting set. Regardless of your style and goals, there are plenty of kits available with everything you need to turn your home into a full studio. Finally, make sure you have a good photo editing program. While the camera and lighting alone can produce amazing shots that don’t necessarily need editing, even the best unedited photos can become that much better with a little lift.

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