Best Summer Hairstyles

Best Summer Hairstyles

Summer is the season for up-dos. With temperatures soaring, here’s how to look cool even in the most extreme heat.

A Perfect Ponytail

A classic that never goes out of fashion, the ponytail can be dressed up and dressed down completely based on where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. If you’re going out for a quick jog to the store, simply throw it up in a hairband and call it good. If, however, you’re going out for a festive night, take a comb to make sure the hair is flat to the head. For an added level of class, take some hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the hairband to hide the tool. Secure the strand with a bobby pin.

A Beautiful Bun

Buns are a super simple evolution of the ponytail and work great whether you’re going to the beach or celebrating a fancy dinner. Once you have the ponytail you want, use bobby pins to secure the tail to your head by wrapping it around the hairband. Keep everything secure by adding hairspray.

A Messy French

Long celebrated as a classic look for formal events, you can now craft a quick coif regardless of what you’ll be up to. Even so, this is a relatively fragile do, so make sure you’re not wearing it to play beach volleyball. Simply sweep your hair to one side and insert bobby pins vertically along the back of your head. Take the loose hair and twist it upward, securing it with more bobby pins.

A Big Braid

Braided pigtails are a great way to maintain a mane but also come with a simple trick that turns a typical look into a festive summer do. Simply braid each pig tail. Next, take the right one and pin it across the back of your head going left. Now take the left and pin it to the right. You now have a solid and cute coif to keep cool in.

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