2020 Summer Makeup Trends

2020 Summer Makeup Trends

Now that we know neon is making a big comeback, it’s time to figure out how to match the mayhem with makeup. Here are the hottest trends to try this summer.

Eye-catching Eyeshadow

Now is not the season to play coy with your eyeshadow. Instead, embrace the beauty of wild and bold colors. Yellows, greens, blues, pinks—the rainbow is your palette. The top eyelid proved to be the main choice but there were a few designs that went with both top and bottom.

Luscious Lips

As it’s often recommended, highlight only one aspect of your face. With eyes clearly stealing the spotlight this summer, it’s understandable that lips are taking a backseat but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. Instead of color, the glam is gloss. Clear instead of colored lets your natural hue shine through without being too distracting.

Effortless Easel

If you’ve ever wanted to try for a “less is more” approach to your makeup, this summer is your season. Many runways sported models who seemed almost devoid of makeup, wearing only the bare minimum, including lip gloss and a bit of mascara.

Perfect Pearls

For those seeking a more elegant and bold look, invest in glitter and other small shapes you can position around your eyes. Among the favorites were pearls and stars but classic glitter along the bridge of the nose was also popular. Feel free to go full 90s on your lids when you glitz.

Flying Free

Winged black eyeliner is a mainstay and never so much so as right now. Like the neon colors and glitter glam, go bold with your lines this season. Keep them along the top lid for maximum fashion (though a small line can be used along the bottom so long as it smoothly connects to the top line).

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