Hair Color Trends for the Summer

Hair Color Trends for the Summer

Multicolor manes and brunettes rejoice! This summer is the season for mixing and matching your favorite shades in a much more natural way.

The Tweed

Subtle it may be, the tweed style is far from simple. It’s all about creating natural looking complimentary tones to build a fabric of colors into your hair, like tweed. These highlights are evenly distributed and natural hair color is embraced and built upon.

The Dip Dye

If you want crazy color but don’t want to jump to a full head of neon pink, dip dying is the perfect place to start. All it requires is the dying of your tips. Match your makeup with the color you choose for a stunning effect.

The Red Head

It used to be that everyone wanted to be blonde. That trend is now out the window with the push for more redheads. Dark red, light red, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s a shade that runs from root to tip, it’s in.

The Roots

Maintaining color is a chore but that chore can now be set aside as roots are now being welcome with open arms. In fact, it’s becoming a trend to dye roots a darker color to create a shadow effect. The natural contrast is stark and beautiful.

The Twilighting

The hottest trend this summer, twilighting is what happens when hair stylists are inspired by the golden sky at sunset. It’s a great starter style for those with darker hair that want a natural looking, low maintenance way to spruce up their color.

The Platinum

For blondes, this summer it’s all about pure platinum. There are no highlights and there is no shading. It’s simply pure color that helps draw attention to the jawline and cheekbones.

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