2020 Mens Summer Fashion

2020 Mens Summer FashionKeep cool this summer by looking your best. Here are the top trends from the runways of the fashion world for men.

Cuban Collars

What’s a summer fashion without a loose shirt that really lets the body breathe? Enter the Cuban collar style. Complete with large, flat collars and short sleeves that end at the elbows, you can choose to chill in a single color or embrace repeating palm trees.

Loose Suits

For men this season, tailoring can take a back seat. Suits should be relaxed this year so they can be worn both in and out of the office. Just remember to keep that blazer buttoned up. For casual outings, tennis shoes are a perfect pairing (and comfortable).

High Waists

The past always comes back and this year it’s the high waisted trouser. Designed to sit on the actual waist rather than on the hips, these callbacks to the 40s look extra chic in khaki paired with a fitted t-shirt or button up.

Knee Length

On the knees? Above the knees? Below the knees? Every season is different when it comes to the length of men’s shorts. This year, the rage is all about over the knees. While making them a little less comfortable in hotter conditions, these shorts should be worn extremely loose. Pair them with bright colors and button-ups for maximum style.

Prefer the Patches

A revival from the 80s, patchwork button-ups were all over the runways this year. There were animal prints, plaids, and stripes. Some were symmetrical, others not. They were worn with shorts, with suit pants, and with bottoms of bold designs. The common theme was loose and not tightly fitted.

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