2020 Summer Fashion Trends

2020 Summer Fashion TrendsOpen your arms wide and embrace that beautiful sunshine! Summer is around the corner and it’s time to prep that closet for this year’s explosion of color and style.

Notice the Neon

Every season now for the past year has been slowly pushing neon colors back into the limelight. This summer, it’s no longer an accessory. Neon is now the main event with outfits colored in full glory. It’s loud. It’s proud. It’s this summer’s palette.

Wispy Whites

If neon is a bit too bold for your tastes, you can go in the exact opposite direction and embrace nothing but white. Perfect for regions where the sun is unforgiving, unlike neon, the white should be worn with dresses only. Color can be added with shoes and accessories.

Trendy Trenches

Perfect for any color and any style, trench coats are the best choice for weathering any summer showers. Find a fitted finish or leave it loose, the main takeaway is to stick with a khaki color and brown but bold buttons.

Suited Up Shorts

Not a common choice seen too often, the shorts suit is once again making its appearance in the business world. It’s a great, sophisticated choice in cooler office wear for those that want to remain professional but want to avoid skirts. While some designers would opt for the shorter shorts, the general consensus is to stick with knee-length bottoms.

Wonderful Waists

Also heading back to the office (and the more casual outings) is the waistcoat. Its sleeveless design makes it a prime choice for the hotter months but its fitted form also allows it to transition easily between fashion accessory and proof of professionalism. While the majority on the runway were a single color, patterns proved a great way to add a little more without going overboard.

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