What to Expect Joining an Agency

What to Expect Joining an AgencyAfter you’ve figured out the auditioning part of your career, it’s time to think bigger and broader. But to do that, you need an agent, someone who will find jobs for you through their list of contacts. Here’s what to expect from a reputable agency when you’re ready to take that next step.

Getting Prepared

Now that you’re representing the agency, they will have a standard you will need to adhere to. This is especially true for your portfolio photos. Either they will schedule a session with you to update your photos or they will refer you to their preferred photographer. On top of this, there is a chance you will be asked to style yourself.

Getting Gigs

Agencies typically have an advantage over self-promotion in that they have contacts and these contacts will get you privileged information in the form of go-sees. These are preliminary auditions where you are evaluated for a certain role. If you’re a fit, you’ll be booked. As a word of warning, like with every job, there are predatory practices. Your agency should negotiate every part of the deal and you should never sign any sort of release form unless you have prior consent from your agent.

Getting Paid

The agency, along with landing you bookings, is in charge of collecting the fees. Because you are using their services, they will take an agreed-upon portion of your earnings, so never spend what you don’t have. This is also extremely important to remember since some shoots can go under and will be unwilling to pay for your services. In these cases, they will try and help you recoup the losses, but not much else (unless your contract states otherwise).

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