2020 Accessory Trends

This coming season’s accessories are all about a return to functionality (with a little bit of flair). Here’s how to dress up your look with items that are sure to impress.

Super Softs

Purses are an ever-shifting force. Some seasons they’re small and hardly noticeable while this season the bigger and softer they are, the better. Worn on one shoulder or crossed across the chest, you’ll have no issue toting around everything you could possibly need and more.

Box Step

As for shoes, it’s time to drop the point and embrace the square. From sandals to pumps, square-toed shoes are back in fashion, adding an angular accent to the feet to offset the softer shapeshifting designs of the purses.

Perfect Plats

That being said, if you live in a region where spring is merely the first phase of summer, close-toed shoes aren’t exactly a hot commodity. Instead, it’s all about sandals and bringing us back to the 90s are the platforms.

Future Fannies

The fanny pack offers many things, including hands-free movement. Designers, noting this benefit, are taking things to the next level by testing out other ways to store stuff that doesn’t involve the digits. Including necklaces and hip holsters, this is truly the most experimental of the accessories.

Silk Scarves

An oldie but goodie, silk scarves wrapped around the head are back once more. Affordable and easy to throw on in many styles and colors, this is one of the most adaptable accessories, making it perfect for virtually every look.

Beautiful Boutonnieres

Though once just a classy addition to a homecoming suit, this season boutonnieres are officially welcome on women’s suits as a way to add a splash of color to those blacks and dark blues that fail to truly capture the color explosion of spring.

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