Accessorizing for Winter

Accessorizing for WinterIf you love accessories, you no doubt love winter. The only season where it’s acceptable to wear your entire closet for each outing, there’s practically nothing you can’t do. Here’s how to make the most of your winter wear wonderland.

Haute Hats

Any fashion is a good fashion when it comes to winter hats. So long as the color scheme and material match the rest of your look, you can wear whatever you’d like. Bucket hats are perfect for those felt pea coats while wide brims compliment tighter-fitting warm wear. For those that enjoy hats as accents, look to match the hat and the purse so the style carries over regardless of if you’re wearing a coat or not.

Stylish Scarves

Another accessory that completes any winter outfit is the scarf. Thick or thin, scarves can be as useful or as decorative as you need them to be. When paired well, this piece of clothing will tie the entire outfit together, meaning you’ll want to invest a few different options, including neutral colors and loud prints.

Nice Necklaces

Necklaces are a fantastic way to add sophistication to any outfit, especially when so many winter tops tend to be nothing more than a single color. If the top has no neck, wear a collar necklace to add some flair and style. If the top is a turtleneck, pendants are the best option.

Glorious Gloves

Gloves are a must in the colder regions. When deciding which ones you’ll wear, take a look at texture, style, and color. Like your scarves, gloves can be statements or they can be classy accents that help bring out other parts of your outfit.

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