2019 Men’s Winter Fashion Trends

2019 Men’s Winter Fashion TrendsThe fashion votes are in and this year’s men’s winter wear is all about being loud and proud with bold, stylish choices. From neon to velvet, this season is one of the most versatile.

True to the Trench

Trench coats are back in this season after taking a short hiatus from the front of fashion. However, instead of making sure yours is fitted to your form, opt for oversized. This year, a fitted form is achieved by adding a belt to the waist to create shapes.

Perfect Puffers

Along with the trench coat that is classically long, puffer jackets are also back in force. Unlike previous iterations where the jacket was designed to end at the waist, the current design runs long, hitting the knees or feet. Colors are not limited and neither are patterns.

Bold in Black

Sometimes called funeral suits, it’s all about foregoing color in favor of a tailored, all-black ensemble. While loose look can be rocked, that is much harder to pull off than one fitted to your unique form. If you’re looking to really make it bold, aim for unique materials, like velvet.

Very Velvet

Speaking of velvet, this timeless material is back in force for suits. Purple, brown, blue, and even multicolored options were sent down the runways this season. However, you can’t simply wear a small splotch. If you choose velvet, you have to choose everything in velvet, save the shoes.

Noticeable Neon

When not in a professional setting, load up on bold, bright neon. Pants, shirts, sweaters, jackets—you can wear an entire neon suit and you’d be the height of couture this season. That being said, the real secret lies in choosing patterns that use big, block colors together. Avoid small, subtle patterns.

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