Winter Fashion Trends

Winter Fashion TrendsThe leaves are almost all fallen and pumpkin spice is giving way to peppermint. Fall is quickly on its way out, leaving winter in its wake and the new fashions that come with it.

Casual Capes

While capes are often delegated to fashion eras long past, they occasionally make their way back to the forefront and this winter is it.  Aim for a heavy, warm material with muted colors and patterns. Browns and blacks are favored as well as a length that runs to the knees or hangs longer.

Cascading Coats

If capes aren’t your thing, no worries. Long coats, nearly dragging on the ground, are a perfectly fashionable option. The best part is that the coat design is completely up to your preferences. Like a lot of buttons down the front? Prefer belts? Maybe you like a lack of clear clasps. All are ideal.

Perfect Plaid

Plaid is rarely ever out, per se, but when it’s in, it’s in. Skirts, pants, and full suits are all being crafted using this timeless pattern. Whether you enjoy bold patterns or conservative colors, any type of plaid is acceptable. That being said, don’t be afraid to dress yourself in business suits of nothing but this pattern.

Tempting Tulle

For all of those holiday parties, look to invest in tulle. Though certainly not to be worn as outerwear, this material is a great way to show off a soft, feminine indoors look that won’t get too stuffy if the heat is running on full blast. Color-wise, pastels are always a safe way to capitalize on the look’s natural softness.

Boss Boots

Motorcycle boots are back. Cycling through fashion every 10 years or so, these staples are fashionable regardless of season or vehicle choice. They can also be as decorative or as subtle as you want. Tall, short, buckled, or bare, there is no going wrong with this black boot.

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