Acting Audition Etiquette

Acting Audition EtiquetteAs an actor where personalities are a huge part of auditioning, etiquette becomes an extremely invaluable toolkit. It teaches you where to draw your line so that you don’t go too far and ruin your chances of landing a part.

Do Your Research

Read the play. Get to know the casting director. Study the production company. Then take this information and use it to craft your resume. Preparation in theater is an essential skill directors expect their actors to have. By doing this for the audition, they’ll see potential in you and respect for the craft.

Show Appreciation

Whether you’re called back for a role or not, always send a response to any email you receive. Didn’t get cast? Thank them for their time. Invited back for a second showing? Thank them and confirm the meeting. Appreciation goes a long way. It is a quick way to recognize that they didn’t have to go out of their way to contact you but they did. It also paints you in a positive light for a potential future audition.

Follow Directions

If you’re asked to arrive with two monologues and a piece of the play memorized, show up with those requests fulfilled. It might seem like common sense, but there are actors out there who believe they can simply show up to every audition and wing it. Nothing will make a casting director throw away your resume faster than purposely ignoring their simple requests.

Be Polite

As with most auditions, you’re going to be sitting in a room of other actors and actors are, if not anything else, very talkative people. However, talking all the time can really pull people out of their pre-audition routines. Assume that most actors in the room with you want to be left alone to focus and throw out nothing more than a polite “hello” before preparing yourself.

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